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Ceiba produces two instructional ‘Vote by mail’ videos you can use in outreach to voters

May 26, 2020 Category: FeaturedMediaShort
Today, May 26, is the last chance to apply online to receive a mail-in ballot (apply by 5 p.m. at But once you have a ballot in hand — how comfortable are you with the process of voting through the mail?

Ceiba, a nonprofit that promotes the economic development and financial inclusion of the Latinx community through collaborations and advocacy aimed at ensuring their access to quality housing, has produced two instructional videos, available in English and Spanish, that can help those who are uncertain become familiar with the process.

“We want to make sure that people don’t stumble over simple things,” said Will Gonzalez, the executive director of Ceiba. “Marking the ballot, for example, has to be done the right way; no check marks, no x’s. We have to completely darken the circles with black or blue ink. The ‘hand dance’ with the stationary also needs to be followed. It is not hard but with all the distractions at home we want to help people focus.”

“Time is of the essence,” he added. “The ballots need to get to Philadelphia City Commissioners office by June 2. Please send your ballot out ASAP.”

The video in English:


El video en español:


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