Nov. 3, 2020 10:21 am

Which Philly Twitter feeds you should be watching today

Here are 16 organizations and individuals across sectors and industries that have interesting observations to make and intriguing things to say.

@VoteThatJawn and 15 other organizations and individuals on Twitter are worth checking out today.


Everybody’s going to be hanging on the news today — tracking tweets from candidates, gleaning prognosis from pundits; hearing analysis of everything from turnout to exit polling.

But in among the newsy tweets from Technical.ly and Generocity; Billy Penn and WHYY; Kensington Voice and DosPuntos; Philly Mag and WURD Radio; Philadelphia Tribune, Citizen and Inquirer, are some organizations imparting important information and some distinctive individual Philadelphia voices — not officially political ones — who always have interesting observations to make and intriguing things to say.

We’ve collected some of this morning’s (r yesterday’s) tweets from both org and individual, so you can check them out.

ACLU of Pennsylvania

Conrad Benner

Better Civics

Althea Butler

Arlene Edmonds

Equally Informed Philly

Faye Anderson

Eric Hartman

Ami Patel Hopkins

League of Women Voters of Philadelphia

Jim MacMillan

¡Presente Media!

Public Interest Law Center

Mustafa Rashed

Tayyib Smith

Lauren Vidas

Vote that Jawn



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