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Why we’re closing our company Slack and launching a Generocity channel

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Written by Technically Media CEO Chris Wink,’s new Culture Builder newsletter features tips on growing powerful teams and dynamic workplaces. Below is the latest edition we published. Sign up here to get the next one this Friday.

We are only as interesting as the community of professionals we serve.

That’s always been the very intentional center of our business: With  we invest heavily in an independent newsroom to cover local tech economies and inform serious tech workers, whom we help introduce to clients of ours for career and business opportunities. At Generocity we focus on the nonprofit sector and its workforce.

For more than a decade we’ve brought together those communities at in-person events. That changed dramatically over the last 18 months. Some of that will return, but we’ve recognized the power of our online community, too. Three thousand of our readers from across our markets already meet and engage with each other in a public Slack we’ve maintained since 2015.

Meanwhile, our staff has maintained a separate private Slack for our own internal communication. Today that changes.

We’re shutting down that private company channel, so we can devote more time to being in and with our community. We intend to make our public Slack the most interesting place to connect, learn and share with peers from your own city and beyond it. Tech workers, entrepreneurs and other company culture builders (that’s our HR and people ops friends) are there for ideas, resources and each other.

And there is a channel dedicated to Generocity specifically — where we aim to engage in conversations and foster connections as we have in the dynamic Power Breakfasts we’ve convened IRL and virtually.

Join the public Slack

We have a newsroom of reporters and, it turns out, a pretty smart team all around you can meet there. Our reporters routinely host live interviews that you can join in on, as just one example of how they’ll be dropping the curtain on how journalism happens. It’s also another way to meet interesting people in your industry.

From our Partners

More to come. In the meantime, join us here.

And now the links.

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