Sunday, July 21, 2024



Andrea Rishworth

Andrea Rishworth is a health geographer by training. Her regional interests include Sub-Saharan Africa, Canada and the United States, and empirical interests include health and wellbeing, environmental determinants of health, and aging populations. She has methodological expertise in qualitative research, drawing on frameworks that allow her to examine the multi-scale and multi-temporal connections between social, structural and ecological processes in the production of health. Rishworth's doctoral work, conducted in Uganda, was framed by an integrated knowledge translation approach that aimed to understand how the health and wellbeing of aging individuals are affected by historic and contemporary processes of social and environmental change. This work explored how social, economic and political processes work to affect the environments within which the aged live, and examined how these processes shape the access to, and quality of the social determinants of health and wellbeing. Her master's research, conducted in Ghana, explored the social and structural determinants of maternal health insurance.