Elicia Gonzales, Author at Generocity Philly

Elicia Gonzales

Elicia (she/her) stepped into the role of Executive Director in July 2017 and is responsible for driving WMF towards the achievement of its mission while ensuring the sustainability of its operations. She supervises staff, is responsible for implementing the strategic plans and policies of the Board, and leads the fundraising, administration, and program oversight of the organization. Elicia is helping WMF in its evolution towards centering racial and economic justice within abortion funding. Elicia is a licensed social worker and has a Masters in Human Sexuality Education.

Open letter: Staying silent is an act of complicity column

Mar. 8, 2019 2:26 pm

Open letter: Staying silent is an act of complicity

"These words are for us all. It is on each of us to examine our own power, privilege, and propensity for perpetuating violence in our communities."

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