Laura Otten, Author at Generocity Philly

Laura Otten

Laura Otten has served as a consultant and instructor with The Nonprofit Center for more than 35 years. In that time, she has distinguished herself on both the national and local levels, as an expert in nonprofit leadership, governance, strategic planning, evaluation, and other aspects of organizational management. Since 2001, she has led the Center, integrating a commitment to best practices in all aspects of nonprofit operations, and solidified our educational model to provide in-depth, high quality learning experiences that make The Nonprofit Center unique among any other organizations in the region. This same philosophy of integrated services and highly skilled and experienced experts also guides our consulting practice, in which she is also an active participant. Laura demonstrates a life-long commitment to the nonprofit sector having served on her first nonprofit board while still a teenager. Her expertise in nonprofit leadership, and midwife to a host of governance best practices, is underscored by her role as inaugural director of La Salle University’s M.S. in Nonprofit Leadership.


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