Saturday, June 22, 2024



Sarah Harris

With over 20 years of experience creating entertainment-driven cause and social impact marketing campaigns, Sarah Harris serves as Vice President of Social Impact at Audacy, the most influential voice in audio. In her role, Sarah leads Audacy’s commitment to living its values in creating audio content that brings people together around what moves them as well as the company’s social impact platform, Audacy Serves. Audacy Serves unites with listeners and brands to support sound communities through core pillars of impact: diversity, equity & inclusion, mental health and anti-bullying, veterans and service members, children’s health, the environment and civic education. Sarah currently serves as Board Chair of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Philadelphia, volunteers to invite and equip women to achieve their full philanthropic potential as a Board Member with Impact Austin and is a founding member of SVP Austin. Sarah earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in telecommunications arts from Butler University and a Master of Arts degree in philanthropic studies and Master of Public Administration in nonprofit management from Indiana University. She recently completed University of Pennsylvania’s Executive Education in Social Impact Strategy.