Friday, June 14, 2024



CEO - ImpactPHL

Job Description


ImpactPHL is actively seeking a dynamic and visionary Chief Executive Officer to spearhead the organization’s next phase of growth. As a leading force in the emerging global impact economy, ImpactPHL is dedicated to positioning Greater Philadelphia at the forefront of this transformative movement. Our mission is to accelerate investments that yield positive social and environmental impacts within our region.

With a proven track record of accelerating the regional impact economy, ImpactPHL is strategically positioned to significantly enhance the influx of capital into impactful investments. This role presents a remarkable opportunity for a passionate and innovative leader to catalyze positive societal change within our community. The successful candidate will be at the helm of one of the most pioneering initiatives in the national impact investing landscape, driving substantial and meaningful progress.


The Chief Executive Officer at ImpactPHL will play a pivotal role in orchestrating the organization’s strategic direction in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Key responsibilities include:

● Crafting and executing ImpactPHL’s strategic initiatives, working closely with the Board to ensure alignment with our long-term vision.

● Leading robust fundraising campaigns and cultivating diverse revenue streams to bolster the organization’s financial health and achieve its ambitious goals.

● Steering the Board of Directors, facilitating quarterly meetings to ensure governance excellence.

● Overseeing comprehensive budget management, financial oversight, and reporting to guarantee fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

● Directing marketing and communication strategies to enhance visibility and promote ImpactPHL’s key initiatives effectively.

● Recruiting, nurturing, and leading a dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and partners to drive the organization’s objectives forward.

● Managing all operational facets of the organization, including finance, governance, information technology, and human resources.

● Collaborating with regional and national stakeholders to expand impact investing efforts throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

● Leading the execution of flagship programs and initiatives such as The Total Impact Summit, Optimpact, and the ImpactPHL Pathways program.

● Cultivating a workplace culture that prioritizes collaboration, diversity, equity, and inclusion, aligning with our core values and community impact goals.

This position offers an exceptional opportunity for a visionary leader to significantly influence societal change and lead one of the most innovative impact investing organizations in the nation.

The ideal candidate for the Chief Executive Officer position at ImpactPHL will embody the following attributes:

● A visionary thinker with the acumen to construct and advance an organization based on that vision.

● Skilled in leading strategic planning sessions with both the team and the board to foster organizational growth and development.

● A charismatic relationship builder who effortlessly engages with a diverse array of stakeholders, including foundations, family offices, financial advisors, high net worth individuals, and ultra-high net worth individuals.

● Proven fundraising skills.

● Exceptional public speaking and communication skills, enabling effective representation as the primary spokesperson for ImpactPHL.

● A deep understanding of the impact investment field, encompassing both investing and capital raising perspectives, and a keen insight into the needs of impact investors and investments.

● Expertise in nurturing existing relationships and cultivating new partnerships across critical stakeholder groups.

● Experienced in managing a multidisciplinary team to achieve strategic objectives efficiently.

● Proficient in developing and monitoring key performance metrics to evaluate the organization’s success.

● Solid experience in financial management, ensuring fiscal responsibility and strategic allocation of resources.

● Strong regional knowledge of Philadelphia, crucial for navigating local networks and maximizing regional impact.

● This position offers a thrilling opportunity for a dynamic leader to drive transformative social and financial outcomes in one of the most innovative impact investing environments in the nation.