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Returning Citizen Friendly Workplace

Informed by the Fair Chance Hiring Practices outlined by the Obama administration and our own reporting, an organization that self-selects as having a Returning Citizen Friendly Workplace must do the following:

  • Actively communicate in your job descriptions and to your existing staff a commitment to welcoming employees with criminal records.
  • ‘Ban the Box’ by delaying criminal history questions until the final stage of the hiring process. (Note that in the City of Philadelphia, it is illegal to require job candidates to disclose criminal history older than seven years.)
  • Formally train human resources personnel on working with applicants and employees with criminal records.
  • Offer formal training to staff about working with employees with criminal records.

The Fair Chance Hiring Practices pledge also encourages using a “reliable” background check provider to ensure accuracy and hosting and participating in fair chance opportunity job fairs.

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