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Generocity is a media organization that connects, informs, and challenges the social impact community through its reporting and convenings to advance its practice and maximize impact.  Our policies are defined below.


About Generocity

Generocity is wholly owned by Civic Capital Consulting and is fiscally sponsored by the Lenfest Institute of Journalism to support journalism projects with a charitable and educational purpose to serve the public interest.

Generocity receives support from foundations to host public events and to fund some of its journalism. Grantmakers do not influence our editorial coverage in any way.


Editorial Policies

  • Transparency: Any changes, edits, conflicts, and sponsorships will be identified in any stories applicable. 
  • Stories will only be updated with a time-stamped update notice to correct inaccurate information that we provide. 
  • Published content will not be removed, but will be updated to correct inaccurate information. 
  • Generocity reporters work and gather information throughrecorded conversations. On-the-record conversations are quotable, attributable and intended for publication. If you wish to conduct a conversation off the record or share information that cannot be published, this should be discussed with a reporter prior to the conversation. We will not remove content and quotes from a conversation that took place during an on-the-record conversation from a published article.
  • Sources of editorial stories will not have the ability to review content before it is published. 
  • Sometimes we have background conversations with sources, meaning we report on some of the information you’ve given us, but we don’t quote you or attribute it directly to you. We do this to get more background information on a topic and to make our reports more accurate, and we always try to check background information with other sources. But again, this is an agreement made between a reporter and a source before they enter into an interview, and for good reason, such as concern for safety or job security. Sometimes we also use anonymous sources that we record for similar reasons.
  • Generocity generally only accepts quotable, attributable statements and information from media relations professionals, as communicating with the press is an important part of its mission. If they do not provide official statements or information, this will be taken into account in our reporting.
  • We adhere to these standards to provide our readers with the highest level of transparency and the clearest information about the companies, people and communities we report on.


Sponsored Content Policies

  • Generocity publishes both editorial content, independently reported, and sponsored content, which includes direction from sponsors. Editorial content is never influenced, edited or reviewed by outside parties. The sponsor behind the sponsored content is given a limited amount of time to provide feedback on the content they underwrote. In all cases, Generocity’s editorial team has the final say on what is published and prioritizes accuracy and reader value.
  • Above all, Generocity values transparency. Sponsored content that generates revenue for Generocity will always be clearly labeled.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or remove advertising that is inconsistent with, or could disparage, harm or damage our community or the Generocity brand.
  • Generocity “sponsored content” is content created by the Generocity Creative Team and paid for by a client. A “sponsored guest post” is produced by a client.
  • As a community news organization, we often accept and publish unpaid editorial guest posts to strengthen community engagement and voice

Events Policy

  • Generocity hosts events that complement our editorial mission and ethics.
  • Generocity’s events aim to represent the  diversity of lived and learned experiences and opinions through a harassment-free experience for all.
  • We strive to create safe spaces where participants feel welcome and valued.
  • As part of post-event editorial coverage, our editors will work to ensure that reporters maintain their editorial independence and present an unbiased perspective that adheres to our editorial content guidelines.

Equity and Inclusion Policies

Generocity’s coverage and activities are rooted in our commitment to addressing systemic oppression, center marginalized voices, and promote inclusion. Generocity is in a unique position to ask Philadelphia’s social impact sector a critical question: Is it contributing to a healthier, more prosperous, and more equitable region? What better way to serve them than with meaningful insight into community needs, through community voices? Our organization recognizes the importance of amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, highlighting critical issues, and fostering collaborations that drive real change. Through our work, Generocity aims to close the information gap, advocate for those whose voices often go unheard, and empower the community to hold organizations and initiatives accountable for their actions that have upheld systemic inequalities.

Inclusive representation should consider not only race, but also factors such as age, gender, socioeconomic background, and lived and learned experiences.

Our DEI goals with respect to Generocity are to

  • Foster an environment where people (staff, freelancers, community members) from diverse backgrounds feel valued and respected.
  • Provide space for all to have the opportunity to contribute their unique insights.
  • Our coverage is diverse in perspective and voice.
  • To be a safe and inclusive space for our audience and community.


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