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Generocity’s goal is to illuminate and challenge our local philanthropic landscape; hold its leadership, practices, and successes, its members, and our community accountable; while offering insights and resources to help you understand “how local policy impacts issues and the needs of the local community,” which leaders are effectively “working to influence problems and solutions in Philadelphia,” and what “resources” are available to support you and our community.

We’re always looking for new voices to chronicle how social impact organizations are changing Philadelphia. Think: nonprofits, philanthropy, social enterprises, local government.

From investigative reporting and opinion pieces to crowdsourced solutions and advocacy, for 2024, Generocity will focus on the theme

Resilient Cities

From poverty to injustice, our community members are often told to be resilient. And those who overcome adversity are honored and cheered for their resilience. But what if our systems were resilient so that our community members could simply thrive?

In 2024, Generocity will look at four areas that make resilient cities: Health and Social Services, Empowerment and Opportunity, Infrastructure, Environment and Community Wellbeing, and Civic Participation and Innovation.

While each quarter will focus on one of the four areas, each month will focus on a specific facet: The first month of each quarter will be dedicated to the impact of government, the second month to the impact of philanthropy (non-profit organizations and foundations), and the third month to the impact of the corporate/private sector – and how they each are working to support our communities, and what still needs to change to make a real impact.

Q1 – Health and Human Services

  • What do our leaders and institutions need to do to ensure that communities have access to adequate health and human services and are not affected by poverty, housing, and food insecurity?
  • Jan – Government     |     Feb – Philanthropy     |     March – Corporate/Private

Q2 – Empowerment and Opportunity

  • What do our leaders and institutions need to do to ensure that communities have pathways to well-paid jobs and income equality, opportunities for entrepreneurship, and access to quality education for all that meets our changing labor markets?
  • April – Government     |     May – Philanthropy     |     June – Corporate/Private

Q3 – Infrastructure, Environment, and Community Wellbeing

  • What do our leaders and institutions need to invest in to create a sustainable infrastructure that promotes health and safety and creates thriving communities?
  • July – Government     |     August – Philanthropy     |     Sept – Corporate/Private

Q4 – Civic Participation and Innovation

  • What do our leaders and institutions need to do to strengthen civic engagement,  empower community members to participate in decision-making processes, and increase the effectiveness of public-private partnerships?
  • Oct – Government     |     Nov – Philanthropy     |     Dec – Corporate/Private




Interested in contributing ideas or writing an article that highlights the themes of the editorial calendar?

We’re looking for both reported stories (paid) and guest posts and opinion pieces from community leaders (not paid).

We’re particularly passionate about amplifying the voices of women, people of color and other underrepresented folks, so if that’s you, please reach out, even if you haven’t contributed professionally before.

Review our Generocity Story Guide first, then pitch us your ideas or just drop us a line letting us know you’re interested in writing for us and we’ll be in touch.

Email us at and include “Write for Generocity” in the subject line.

Learn more about Generocity’s ethics and content policies here.

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