Public Health Management Corporation

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Public Health Management Corporation

Philadelphia, PA
Founded in 1972
Status: Active

Culture Checklist

What makes PHMC different than other public health entities?

First, we look at public health differently. When working with clients, we look at the full person, the whole picture. Not just their health but the factors that contribute to it — homelessness, food deserts, smoking, whether they have an air conditioning unit in their home or not.

Aesthetics have also played a part in what makes us unique. The space and how it’s constructed is all about being open and facilitating collaboration. It allows us to have authentic and engaging conversations about the work. In our field, it makes us a little bit cutting edge — to promote connectivity and getting to know people. Not many organizations in public health are built that way.

We’re a growing and evolving organization, constantly working to come up with new and innovative ways to support our communities. We’re always looking to learn more about how to help our clients gain a strategic advantage. 


How does PHMC tackle career growth and development?

There are substantial opportunities to develop and grow within the PHMC family. In addition to our 350 programs, we also have a network of subsidiary organizations. There are limitless options.

We want employees to come on board and stay on board. We like to promote from within, and we’re very intentional about creating a path for every employee, building their development and setting a career trajectory and ladders. 

We also have partnerships with local universities and colleges to provide employees the opportunity to go to school while they work for PHMC full-time. The program is integrated into the work we do here, creating a really flexible way to work and get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. 


What do you look for in job candidates?

We look for diversity of people — from skills to interests. We want to hire people that represent and understand the communities we serve, with a range of socioeconomic and professional backgrounds. We look for people who are passionate about helping others and are interested in the betterment of the region. 

While we operate in many ways like a large corporation, what we do here day-by-day is driven by passion. Most folks are here because they are mission-driven.


How do you create a cohesive culture for such a large organization?

We’re a very dynamic company, with subsidiaries, programs and departments operating interdependently. One of our ongoing goals is to make everything coalesce. To build an umbrella culture that can be felt no matter which department you’re working within.

But, we also embrace the rich diversity that we have across the organization — the subcultures that have formed, the communities our employees come from and the experiences they bring to the table, and the different interests and passions that help us positively affect as many people as we can. All together, this contributes to a diverse and inclusive culture.    

We constantly make it a priority to be a great place for employees to work. We often ask for feedback on the culture. Our leadership really listens to the feedback and then makes changes that employees can see and feel.

About Public Health Management Corporation

A Look Inside the Culture at PHMC

Think you know the ins and outs of public health organizations? Well, you can think again as you get to know the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC).

From its modern office space to its holistic approach to public health services, PHMC is delivering a refreshingly unexpected experience from desk to field.

The experience begins the moment you step out of the elevator and walk through the giant glass doors that welcome you into PHMC headquarters. Bathed in light, the open-concept office space spans multiple floors of 1500 Market Street, all featuring larger-than-life wood staircases, glass conference rooms and splashes of orange, yellow and blue workspaces. Only a stone’s throw away, City Hall practically leaps inside the expansive windows along the east side of the office — a fitting view to represent all of the work PHMC is doing to improve the health of the Greater Philadelphia region. 

The inviting, contemporary aesthetic at PHMC and its affiliated offices is only one way the organization is making an impact in the public health sector. Through its programs, subsidiary organizations and partnerships with the government, foundations, businesses and community-based organizations, PHMC serves as one of the most comprehensive public health resources in the country

With more than 350 programs across the public health sphere, PHMC provides “wrap-around services” for its almost 350,000 clients annually. That means, rather than only treating one specific issue per client, case managers are enabled to dive deeper and analyze the entire spectrum of a client’s lifestyle — from physical and mental health needs to the ecosystem that makes up their home and family — and expose them to a wide breadth of programs and services that can improve their overall life.

As multi-layered company with more than 3,000 employees working within the 350 programs that run across 70 sites in the region, the employee landscape naturally fosters many subcultures, leading to a diverse, dynamic and innovative company culture. Yet no matter where or with whom employees work, whether in the office or out in the field, they are all tied together through PHMC’s core values of collaboration, health equity and access, innovation, diversity and inclusion, growth, development and wellness.

In addition to promoting health and wellness throughout the communities it serves, PHMC also brings its mission-driven works inside its own walls. Fostering an internal culture of wellness and movement, PHMC’s headquarter office is equipped with treadmill workstations, standing desks, and for all, access to an in-house gym complete with group classes and a healthy-options café and plenty of space to gather. 

At its core, PHMC is a sophisticated public health organization where professionals who are passionate about helping people and building healthy communities belong. Always growing, PHMC offers careers across a wide range of programs and departments, all of which enable employees to deliberately channel their passion and make tangible social impact.

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