The Village of Arts and Humanities

Philadelphia, PA
Founded in 1934

About The Village of Arts and Humanities

The Village values art as its most powerful and effective tool for catalyzing healthy and sustainable societal change. Art, in this context, is creativity in thinking, in methodology, and in implementation.

Our 30-year legacy is anchored in artist-facilitated community building beginning with the work of Arthur Hall and the Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center (predecessor to The Village) and Village Founder, Lily Yeh.

Today, The Village remains a community-rooted, anchor institution,

Our seven core programs work at the intersection of art, education and social justice to:

  • amplify the creative power of our community,
build bridges across race, class, age and expertise,
  • question and replace unjust and ineffective systems,
  • activate passion and enhance skills present in community youth/adults,
  • and construct new avenues towards civic engagement.