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The Sustainable Business Network Calls for a Permanent Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

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City initiatives focused on the issue of sustainability may seem like the norm in Philadelphia, but this focus is in large part due to the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, which is a temporary agency established by the Nutter Administration in 2009.

Councilmembers Blondell Reynolds Brown and Jim Kenney have proposed a bill to make the office permanent under the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter. The bill has already gained wide support in council, passing out of the Committee on Law and Government last Thursday.

Now the sustainable business community is putting its weight behind the effort as well.

The Sustainable Business Network, which certifies and organizes sustainable businesses in the region, is mobilizing its members to support the bill. In an email sent to members and supporters, the organization is calling for direct action. The email contains information on the bill and talking points so that members can call their councilmember and express their support.

The bill requires a two-thirds majority vote because it involves changing the city’s charter. If passed, electors will vote on the amendment to the charter in the city election on November 4, 2014.

The full council vote will take place tomorrow, May 8.

Further Information

Greenworks 2013 progress report 

Photo via Mayor’s Office of Sustainability


Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

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