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Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance Seeking Executive Director

Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance July 23, 2014 Category: PeopleUncategorized

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The Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA), a membership association for co-ops in the region, is seeking an executive director to lead the organization into its third year. The position will handle administrative responsibilities such as fundraising and hiring and will help expand the organization’s role as a hub for co-ops.

PACA is currently managed by an all-volunteer steering committee consisting of leading figures in the co-op sector. The executive director will be first paid employee. In addition, PACA will transition to a formal elected board of directors in November.

The National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA), the trade association for cooperative businesses in the United States, has partnered with PACA and is helping them with the hiring process.

NCBA recently helped a co-op association in Austin, Texas find an executive director. In a press release about the hiring, NCBA noted the rise of similar co-op associations across the country:

“Due to numerous factors, NCBA CLUSA is witnessing the development of nascent cross-sector cooperative groups across the United States including the Valley Cooperative Business Association in Western Massachusetts and the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Association in addition to the Austin Cooperative Business Association. These groups have developed organically and share a common vision of promoting cooperatives in their region.”

Applications are due by July 30. More information on the position is available from NCBA.

For more information on PACA and its recent initiatives, read Generocity’s story on its push for more members.

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