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Biz Journal: Crowdfunding to help women in poverty learn computer skills

September 17, 2014 Category: MethodPurposeUncategorized

This piece was originally published in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, a Philadelphia organization that was created to battle poverty, has recently launched a crowdfunding initiative.

Its goal is to raise $7,500 by Sept. 22 on Indiegogo to put toward training low-income women in Kensington interested in learning basic computer skills. The funds would also help refurbish old, donated computer equipment — something the organization is always accepting — that will be used during trainings.

The organization plans to have instructors teach women how to master email, manage listservs, use social media, write newsletters and more.

“We’ve got to take charge of our own lives and teach each other once we learn these skills,” said Cheri Honkala, director and founding member of PPEHRC.

Computer skills can help secure employment for low-income, single mothers, and also allow them to check online how their kids are doing in school, “because everything is online now,” Honkala said.

Years ago, Honkala – now 52 years old – was a homeless mother. She’s since dedicated her life to bettering the lives of other low-income families. She herself is still learning basic computer skills, she admitted.

Younger PPEHRC staff members are credited for setting up the Indiegogo campaign and will be involved in training the women participants.

Since PPEHRC is a nonprofit, anyone who makes a financial contribution to the crowdfunding campaign is eligible for a tax write off, Honkala said.

Learn more about the organization’s Indiegogo campaign here.

Image via PPEHRC’s Facebook

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