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An insider’s look at the GREEN program’s Philly session, from a Temple Student

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Earlier this summer, the GREEN program held its first program in Philly program, in partnership with Philadelphia University. Local sustainability expert Max Zahniser helped with developing and teaching the educational material of the program. Rob Fleming of Philadelphia University, also helped out with the education portion of the program.

Kevin Small first heard about the GREEN program after attending an information session at his school, Temple University.

“Being interested in traveling to foreign countries and green building, I attended the session,” Small said. “I’ve been to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and have been dying for a reason to go back to Europe, or anywhere else in the world, ever since. Along with that I’ve always had a passion for the environment and green technology. Knowing the GREEN Program’s focus, it caught my attention.”

While many of the programs attendees were from around the world (the program was partially designed to help bring students to Philadelphia to build Philadelphia’s credentials as a sustainability-focused city), Small decided to attend Philly’s program.

“I was hesitant about attending when the date got closer because I was worried about other’s perceptions,” Small said. “I originally wanted to travel, but settled on staying local because of financial reasons.  Knowing everyone else was going to be from elsewhere, I didn’t know how it would come off being local. I quickly realized how unimportant it was. The program as a whole was the new experience, not the location.  Everyone was very accepting and easy to get along with. I couldn’t have asked for a better time.”

The Philadelphia-based program allowed Small to meet a variety of professionals and other students to help him decide what he wanted to do for a career.

“The connections were a huge part of the program,” he said. “The program taught me how I, as a Construction Management major, can use the skills I learn to pursue a career in community development.  Not to mention the motivation to get school done with and get on with that career.”

“Being from the Philadelphia area and living in the city, I have a huge bias to the city,” Small added. “I love the city and am extremely passionate about the lifestyle, sports, community, etc. The GREEN Program highlighted for me argument points I could use to reinforce my thinking that I live in the world’s greatest city. There is so much I didn’t already know that I learned, from history to ways the city is sustainable. Everyone else in the group besides me was from another place and they all fell in love with my city.”

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