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Call for pitches: Send us your social impact story ideas

November 20, 2015 Category: Uncategorized

As you may have noticed, we’re in the midst of some big changes here at Generocity. Our new website is expected to launch early next year, we just redid our logo and we have an almost entirely new staff. (Hey there!) We also have new bosses.

Even so, after a brief hiatus, we’ve been testing out our voice and publishing content throughout the past few weeks. Pretty soon, the staff will be dropping new content daily and delivering it to you via our newsletter weekly.

But we need your help! We’re looking for story ideas about:

  • People — game changers making waves in the social impact scene
  • Results — how an organization got it done, better
  • Purpose — unique mission stories about impact that matters
  • Method  — tips and tricks about executing that mission well
  • Funding — how an organization is being smarter about delivering capital, and how others can get ahold of it

We also want to hear about failures — grant programs that didn’t work, nonprofits that went under. We’ll never write failure stories gleefully, but we do want to stress the lessons that can be learned from what went wrong.

From our Partners

The big question that should be considered when pitching a story is, “How can someone else in the social impact community learn from this?” Our stories aim to cause change. Consider whether a story describes not an organization’s mission, but how it is executing that mission.

We’re also looking for writers. If you’re interested in freelancing, email editor Julie Zeglen at Include some clips and a description of your professional writing experience.

Story ideas can be sent to As always, reach out with any questions or comments. Thanks for reading!

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