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4 takeaways from the year’s first Open Access PHL meeting

OAP's January meeting featured a panel of women in tech. January 12, 2016 Category: Purpose
The first Open Access PHL meeting of 2016 packed out Benjamin’s Desk for something we hope to see more often: a panel of women in tech. 

Bobbi Kurshan of Penn’s Graduate School of Education, Yolanda Stallings of the City of Philadelphia Fire Department, Sarah Cordivano of Azavea and Yuval Yarden of Philly Startup Leaders spoke at the monthly convening of civic-minded innovators who support open data, community participation, access and inclusion, and civic tech growth. 

But before that panel began, a notable call from the community went out: GREATER THAN Healthcare currently has an open call out for healthcare innovations. A collaboration between eight Philadelphia-based organizations including Drexel, Penn Medicine, Comcast, Jefferson University and Jefferson Health are seeking solutions for chronic disease.

A few other takeaways from the event’s speakers:

  • Summer of Maps applications are open, a program that’s entering its fifth year of offering free data analysis and GIS mapping services to Greater Philadelphia nonprofits. We told you yesterday that applications for the program close in February for organizations that want to join the likes of DVAEYC, which won a $1 million grant largely due to their mapping of need versus capacity in Delaware Valley childcare.
  • The City of Philadelphia Fire Department is fresh off of their push for open data streamlining. The department is moving toward a single platform for data collection and e-training where possible.
  • Penn GSE is looking to open programs online. In addition to their current degree options, they’re moving forward in 2016 with a new program for certifying teachers to teach online.

OpenAccessPHL will continue its event series surrounding “going new places, meeting new people, learning new things” at The New York Code + Design Academy Philadelphia Campus at The Hub CityView on Feb. 5.

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