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This mother built a business around trips to see her imprisoned friends and family

Jane Hainey (right). August 26, 2016 Category: PeopleShort
When a 2011 Pennsylvania state law moved low-level offenders with short sentences out of county jails and into sometimes-distant state prisons, a new burden was laid upon the shoulders of offenders’ families and friends: long, costly drives to visit loved ones in prison.

Jane Hainey was one of those affected. With a son and a number of friends now out of range, Hainey started a shuttle service called Duals Round Trip Transportation that picks customers up at their door and takes them to area prisons.

“After having brothers, sisters, nephews, sons, and a host of friends incarcerated [sic]. I really felt the need to help the men & women incarcerated and their families,” Hainey’s bio reads. “We provide a safe, clean, & reliable door to door service because we understand not everyone is able to get to a meeting destination.”

Hainey’s business was the subject of a recent Inquirer report highlighting the shuttle service cottage industry.

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Dual’s Facebook page is a stream of inspirational memes, activism around criminal justice reform and photos of her customers visiting their loved ones — and herself, too.

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