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The Office of Adult Education is training tutors to teach adult learners tech skills

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Teaching technology skills to kids remains an important mission throughout Philadelphia, though it’s just one part of a much-needed systemic solution.

But let’s not forget that there are plenty of adult learners out there who could also benefit from learning how to use modern technology.

It’s why the Office of Adult Education (OAE) is looking to train volunteer tutors on how to teach adult learners these skills through its newest Tutor Now program, which will focus on skills ranging from using a mouse and keyboard to accessing cloud-based computing.

Volunteers who complete the Technology Skills tutor training program will eventually be placed in one of the 35 OAE volunteer agencies, as well as any of the 50 KEYSPOT computer labs around the city.

The first-ever cohort of volunteers to receive this training started online classes this Sunday, Aug. 27, and will go until Sept. 13.While it’s a tad too late to sign up for that first set of classes, the next is starting Nov. 26.

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With tech continuing to grow as a valued sector throughout the city, this kind of program is needed in particular to continue the nationwide push to help community residents improve their digital literacy skills, said Marjorie Morris, director of communications and development at OAE, in an email.

And when it comes to teaching adult learners, Morris said it’s important that future tutors not only understand how to first listen to the needs of their students but also how to set tangible goals with them.

“Each learner comes in with different needs, whether it be finding a job, learning how to connect with friends and family online, or exploring their creativity through online tools like video editing software,” she said.


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