Jun. 14, 2023 8:17 am

Public Safety by the Numbers: Education

An infographic series exploring the data behind Philadelphia's public safety issues.

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In 2016, there was a shift. According to the State of the City 2016 report from PEW, the top concern of Philadelphia residents changed significantly: in February 15, the top concern was K-12 education; in August 2016, it was public safety. Seven years later, public safety is at the top of every conversation, survey, and concern from residents and policymakers.

While one may easily point to crime as a concern for public safety. There are several factors that impact safety. According to a Human Rights Watch’s report cited in the 2020 article A Roadmap for Re-imagining Public Safety in the United States: 14 Recommendations on Policing, Community Investment, and Accountability, high unemployment rates, low incomes, and lack of access to quality education and healthy foods are factors of poverty that “ increase the likelihood people will pursue illegal means of survival.”

So what do some of those factors look like in Philadelphia?

Each week this month, we will highlight data on a key factor impacting public safety.

With the completion of school in Philadelphia area this week, Generocity will continue its infographic series with education stats.


As the HRW report states:

“There is substantial evidence that investment in education and employment development reduces crime. A study in Tulsa revealed that enhanced early childhood schooling was strongly associated with eventual reductions in violent crime. Other studies show that improving school quality and academic attainment increases overall public safety by reducing crime.”


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What are your thoughts?

What data should we dive into as we engage in this series?

What solutions do you have to increase public safety in Philadelphia?


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