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Holding Our Leaders Accountable for their Impact

December 6, 2023 Category: ExplainerFeatureFeatured

Generocity and others have written a lot throughout the year on issues, solutions, and organizations in our communities. Ultimately, it’s about impact and accountability – two areas Generocity will explore this month. What has changed, who is upholding their mission and community, who may be stumbling along the way, and what community-led solutions should our leaders be accountable for?

In a recent Generocity article,  “A Call for Change from Local Community Leaders,” Anthony Lewis, former chair of the board of the Fair Housing Rights Center of SE Pennsylvania, states,

“Pressure must be placed on City Council to step up to the plate when it comes to supporting poor communities and working families.”

In addition to Philadelphia City Council, there are other organizations and institutions that have an impact on our communities and need just as much pressure when it comes to stepping up to the plate and impacting our region.


What organizations are doing the work?

Who needs to step up to the plate?

How should we hold our leaders and institutions accountable?

What solutions do you have to drive impact in your community?

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Impact and Accountability

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Pressure must be placed on leaders to step up to the plate. Who is doing the work and where does pressure need to be applied? Share your Insights

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