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Monday Minute with Malcolm Yates

January 22, 2024 Category: Q&A

What must government do to ensure that communities can access adequate health and human services?

To maximize community access government must ensure the programs are of quality, culturally competent and funded adequately with  long term commitment. Most programs are allocated for a ‘season’ or because it’s a hot topic ultimately disappearing once the issue is no longer relevant.  Along with substantial funding Government must also address adjacent factors which tends contribute to access equity. Other than health access vulnerability, retaining a workforce to provide services has been the issue plaguing the health and human service field. When funding these programs monies allocated must be sufficient to compensate our “on the ground” workers.


When it comes to PHMC how are you reducing the effects of poverty, housing, and food insecurity for children and families?

PHMC has an emergency food program, which provide vouchers to assists individuals in emergency situations. To apply for the program go to  Also PHMC has Interim House West is a residential treatment program for women with substance abuse and mental health disorders and their children. The program serves up to 20 pregnant and parenting women, and up to 45 children under the age of 12. Participants are offered a range of comprehensive services. Services for children include an on-site clinical pre-school and after-school program. As far my efforts are to connect local and grassroots non-profit organizations to the resources and services PHMC provides.  We are working at building a coalition of non-profit providers to help fill any gaps of services while sharing information to better serve the community.


Final Thoughts

PHMC is now providing Dental Services on our Public Health Campus on Cedar. Located within the PHMC Public Health Campus on Cedar, the new dental space is an expansion of the services provided by the PHMC Health Center on Cedar. Dental care is provided in collaboration with faculty, residents and students from Penn Dental Medicine. Services available include general, pediatric and emergency dentistry. We encourage everyone to check out our Health Center at 54th and Cedar st. Philadelphia pa 19143

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Malcolm J. Yates is the Director of Government Relations at PHMC

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