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Monday Minute with Andre Simms

January 29, 2024 Category: Q&A

What must the government do to ensure that communities can access adequate health and human services?

“Government has to expand the way they define “health” and “health issues”. We need to start responding to poverty, crime and housing insecurities the same way we respond to public health crises like covid or the flu. They need to prioritize holistic approaches and invest in community centered solutions.”


When it comes to Generocity and your work, how are you reducing the effects of poverty, housing, and food insecurity for children and families?

“When it comes to the work we are doing at Generocity we are transforming narratives around poverty, housing and food insecurity. With initiatives like the Community News Room we are able to platform issues that matter most to the community and influence the response of folks working on the solutions. Slowly but surely we are getting people to understand the importance of addressing root causes instead of just reacting to the symptoms of bigger problems.”


Final Thoughts

“I am very excited to be stepping into my role as Community Journalist and Narrative Specialist for Generocity. I’m honored to be in such a position and I look forward to uplifting community voices and stories. Our next Community News Room will be in Chester on February 17th at the Keystone Wellness Center from noon until 4pm. I look forward to connecting with more amazing people.”


One piece of advise leaders should take into the week

“Listen to understand. Most of us are either talking or waiting to talk, not really listening. But if we set the intention to listen to understand one another we will realize the idea of authority is less important than the authority of ideas.”


Andre Simms is the Community Journalist and Narratives Specialist at Generocity and the Founder of DayOneNotDayTwo

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