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Monday Minute with Jean Pierre Brice

March 11, 2024 Category: Q&A

What can businesses and corporations  be doing to improve the health and wellness of the community?

“I think every corporation depending on what they do, if we’re talking about Covanta, as being in a corporation, they can listen to the community, if the community is saying they’re sick. And they got to think about moving and get and getting out of the city of Chester, if we’re talking about a Walmart are different things like are different stores like that, moving into the community to bolster the economic improvement that we’re looking for in our community, right, we need tax dollars, we need major tax dollars, right? So you know, if we’re talking about people that build houses come to the city of Chester and build houses, there’s tons of space, right? So you know, I think for every different faction of business, right, they can all do something to improve the city.”


How does the work you do improve the health of the community?

“I think [] puts the health and wellness at the forefront. We have to talk about the things that make us uncomfortable. We have to have uncomfortable conversations we have to hold our city our community our our people accountable for the things that they should be held accountable for. I think that Chester is a great city right full of people that that understand what surviving is about. But it’s time for us to talk about what love is about right What does love…what does showing love do for you, do for your community? I think over the last seven years the city has witnessed not a rebirth, but a resurgence right of positive information, right? People talking positively about each other and businesses opening up and things things prospering in a direction that allows for more things to prosper after that. Right.

So I think CMP gives people a platform to stand on. I say like a trampoline. You don’t have to stay at CMP forever. You bounce on the trampoline to see where you’re trying to go and then you jump over the fence and you go to where you want to go. But we’re we’re in the middle. We’re on the fence we’re not on we’re not Republican, we’re not Democrat. We’re not pro and con right we’re trying to find out what’s for our community.”


What’s one piece of advice that you want leaders to take into the week?

From our Partners

“Listen to your community!”

“Come into the community and talk and listen… listen to want to help, don’t just come in to listen to get elected. Listen to try to find a solution that you can help.”


Jean Pierre Brice is the owner and founder of, a local internet radio station in the community of Chester, Pennsylvania.

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