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Monday Minute with Heather Lewis

April 15, 2024 Category: Q&A

What do our leaders and institutions need to do to ensure that communities have pathways to well-paid jobs and income equality, opportunities for entrepreneurship, and access to quality education for all?


“I think leaders need to get back to the basics, and really just recognize people, for human beings and that people have basic needs, and that when you deny someone their basic needs, that it creates an atmosphere for criminal behavior and in violence, I mean, denying somebody their basic need, I think, is a form of violence. And it just creates trauma. And people start to respond from a survival mode versus you know, a mode of thriving or wanting to learn and grow. So I think that they need to recognize the basic needs and quality basic needs, not the bare minimum, but quality, basic needs of education, health care, and all those things. So that people can focus on the creative and the expressive and love and all those things that make community better”


What does Reuniting Family Bail Fund do to empower communities?


“We really try to get other folks to share their story. And, you know, if somebody’s being modest, we will embarrass them and tell them, tell them, you know, that this person is doing a whole lot more than what they’re saying they’re being very modest and shy or whatever about who they are…. I’m intentional about highlighting other people’s, you know, excellence.”


One piece of advice for leaders


“Remember, love. I think people are mean and angry because they don’t feel loved. And I think when you move from a space of love, we’re less selfish, we’re more accommodating or more compassionate, to make sure that no one is doing without that, you know, it should hurt you to see someone starving and in your, you know, having abundance. You know? I think love.”



Heather Lewis is the Executive Director of Reuniting Family Bail Fund / MontCo PD Hub



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