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To celebrate Generocity's 10th anniversary, make a commitment to help us expand our important local journalism. 

This fund will enable us to continue to develop our talented corps of freelancers so that it is truly representative of the city, and so that we can continue writing quality journalism — only, more of it!

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in 2020

Companies and people will be listed as supporters on this Generocity Journalism Fund page, linked to in every story funded through this initiative.

Current supporters

Jennifer Pedroni • Monika Kreidie • Amy Eusebio • Krystine Sipple • Hank Beasley • Irvin Shannon • Winnie Branton • Stephanie Fenniri • Janice Tosto • Noel Fleming – Fleming Petenko Law • Deneene Brockington • First Ascent Design • PATRICIA DOWNEY • Sharon Gallagher • Nicole Pumphrey • Collie Turner • William Madway • Jen Weikert • Jill Ross Stein • Lisa Clark • Ivy Olesh • Lisa Nelson-Haynes • Adam Hymans • The Philadelphia Foundation • Katy Lichtenstein • Catherine Grimes • J Divis • Roe Laserow • Dorothy A Malloy • Ron L. Shamwell • Frank T Brzozowski • William Toffey • Daphne Rowe • Throw Like A Woman • Martina Mansell • Ashley Feuer-Edwards • Stacy DiStefano • Ann Cohen • Max Tuttleman • Owen Camuso • Jennifer Leith • Pamela Rainey Lawler • Lauren Cristella • Robin Tracey • Sidney Hargro • Corinne Lagermasini 



Generocity is the only independent news organization dedicated to reporting on nonprofits and social impact in the Philadelphia region. 

Generocity’s independent newsroom team includes 10-15 freelancers actively covering the community we serve, and an editor who guides them. We also have four regular columnists who contribute opinion columns and tackle topics from inside the nonprofit scene.

While we’ve chased larger scale stories in our newsroom, our goal is that the fund will allow us to step outside of our day-to-day reporting beats and dig deeper, while inviting new writers to explore.

As our journalism fun is made up of individuals passionate about our work as both informers and connectors, this fund is meant to invite organizations and committed individuals into the opportunity to support our journalism.

Our goal

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By Kensington Voice

By Donna Fabiani

By ImpactPHL Perspectives

By  Sabrina Vourvoulias

By Alyssa Biederman 







By  Sabrina Vourvoulias

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