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Lenfest Foundation awards $400K grant to Steppingstone Scholars

July 31, 2015 Category: Funding

Steppingstone Scholars, a nonprofit that serves minority and low-income students with educational enrichment programs, has received a multi-year grant from the Lenfest Foundation that will provide $400,000 over the next two years.

The grant will go towards expanding Steppingstone Scholars’ Middle Grades Academy program in two North Philadelphia schools. The nonprofit will expand its current work in Paul L Dunbar Elementary and launch the program for the first time in Tanner Duckrey School, both of which are located just outside the Temple University campus.

The program will serve a total of 600 students in both schools.

The Middle Grades Academy is designed to help students in grades K-8 prepare for high school and college through a mix of in-school, after-school and summer programming and counseling.

The Lenfest Foundation, established in 2000 by H.F “Gerry” and Marguerite Lenfest, has focused its grantmaking on improving education. It has done so through a mix of funding strategies, including scholarship grants that go directly to students to help them pay for college tuition. The grant to Steppingstone Scholars aligns with the foundation’s strategy of providing operating and program grants to organizations that serve children during the critical period between early education and the the beginning of their careers.

“By supporting the Middle Grades Academy, our generous partner, the Lenfest Foundation, is investing in kids and schools most deserving of high quality enrichment and programs,” said Dr. Sean Vereen, president of Steppingstone Scholars, in a press release.

“We fundamentally believe that low-income and minority students in neighborhood public schools deserve access to a college and career preparatory education that teaches skills that are critical to success in the 21st century: Critical thinking, strong math and literacy skills, strong communication skills, working collaboratively, intellectual curiosity and leadership.”

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