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Good Economist’s summer issue digs into local social enterprise and the ‘poverty industry’

City Hall. June 22, 2016 Category: PurposeShort
Philly has a chance to boost its social enterprises by implementing tax incentives that would theoretically allow the city to become the “B Corp Capital of the World.” But with poverty rates hovering around 26.3 percent, the city has simultaneously been labeled “Poorest Big City in America.”

Sustainable Business Network covers both of the issues in the new edition of its magazine, Good Economist.

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The social enterprise bill, spearheaded by Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez, would double the tax credits for B Corps to $8,000 and remove the ceiling limiting the availability of that credit to 25 businesses — among other amendments to tax exemption programs incentivizing social enterprise in the city.

The piece on Philadelphia’s “poverty industry” takes a look at some solutions to the city’s daunting poverty rate, including Earthships, land trusts and neighborhood health clinics.

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