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Schools for Sustainability has been absorbed by a nonprofit in the Dominican

Alyssa Ramos-Reynoso. December 27, 2016 Category: FeatureFeaturedResultsShort
Schools for Sustainability (S4S), the Philadelphia-based sustainability nonprofit working to bring clean water and green education to the Caribbean, will look a little different in 2017.

According to an email from founder Alyssa Ramos-Reynoso, S4S is being absorbed by Dominican Republic-based Mariposa DR Foundation, one of two Caribbean organizations Ramos-Reynoso had said expressed interest in partnering with her nonprofit earlier this year.

“We believe this is the best strategic move,” Ramos-Reynoso wrote. “S4S will be working under the umbrella of Mariposa DR Foundation, therefore we will become inactive.”

In other words, S4S is now a program of Mariposa DR Foundation. That comes with a bit of a mission shift: The organization will no longer be working in Monte Plata, the community in which it has done most of its water purification and education work. Rather, the S4S will now work strictly in all-girls schools in Cabarette (though Ramos-Reynoso said her organization will “make sure the water purification system and the aquaponic system in Monte Plata continue to run smoothly”).

Ramos-Reynoso will still run the program, and will spend a third of the year in the DR doing so. After struggling to find ways to fund S4S including grants, crowdfunding and selling sustainable curriculum to schools in Philadelphia, the founder has finally found a way to give her project life.

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