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Tell us: Who has real impact in the region’s nonprofit sector?

September 14, 2021 Category: FeaturedPeopleShort
It’s time to honor the movers, the shakers, and the hidden figures.

For years, our sister site,, has compiled RealLists of the serious, committed and influential folks in the tech communities in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Delaware and Washington DC.

We’ve always thought it would be great to do something similar at Generocity — but our first attempt to do so was derailed by the life-altering challenges of 2020: pandemic, racial reckoning and economic crisis.

Well, we’re back now. We want to compile our inaugural RealLIST Impact, a newsroom-curated roundup of philanthropists, nonprofit professionals, community-builders and mission-driven folks across the sector. The goal is to highlight meaningful contributors to solving the social challenges experienced in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

From the largest corporate nonprofit to the smallest grassroots group, we all know folks who solve problems and build solutions (sometimes from scratch and against all odds). We know those whose impact is outsized and most of all, REAL.

Generocity’s RealLIST Impact will be a newsroom curated list of these folks — both the well-known and those who are flying below the radar.

Nominations close Friday, October 15. We’ll announce the 2021 Generocity RealLIST Impact in November.

Tell us who you think should be in our RealLIST

P.S. To stay better connected to the local nonprofit community, join us at the #generocity channel on the Slack or subscribe to our daily newsletter.

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