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What will it take to get it done?

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In a historic victory, Cherelle Parker was elected the 100th mayor of Philadelphia, making her the first woman to hold the office. Parker, a Democrat with many years of experience in government, defeated Republican opponent David Oh by a clear margin of over 70% of the vote.

Parker’s victory marked a turning point in Philadelphia’s history as she broke through a century-old glass ceiling and ushered in a new era in the city’s leadership. Her campaign focused on the city’s most pressing issues, including crime, education and economic development.

Parker’s campaign focused on the city’s most pressing issues, including crime, education and economic development. She pledged to implement a comprehensive crime reduction plan, invest in early childhood education, and create a more equitable economy.

While her campaign website outlines how she plans to tackle these challenges. In her victory speech, Parker made it clear that collaboration and unity will be key to the success of her administration and the city.

“… [we work] in a collaborative way,” she reminded the crowd, “you all heard me use the term so much the press started making fun of me, every time I sit into governmental cooperation, I’ve said it so much local, state, federal government, any agency that can add value, and helping us make public health and safety, the number one priority.”

She later implored that

“We are ready…. I don’t care where you were during the primary election. It’s now time for us to unite as one Philly. One Philly…a city united. After tonight, somebody you’re going to call. They’re not going to be excited about where you are. They’re going to be what I call the Expert EOPS Have you ever met them? They’re the expert articulators of problems. They’re going to tell you over and over and over again, just how and why all of this intergovernmental collaboration and convening of private sector and faith-based and Philanthropic communities won’t work. When they tell you why it won’t work, I want you to listen and be patient, but once they are finished this is what I want you to say, Don’t Throw Shade on My Philly Shine.”

Parker’s shiny ambitious agenda will require collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to serving all Philadelphians. She will face significant challenges in accomplishing these goals in a city with deep-seated problems, including high crime rates, poverty and a struggling school system. Despite the challenges, Parker remains optimistic about Philadelphia’s future.

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As Philadelphia enters a new chapter under Mayor Cherelle Parker, the city stands poised for progress and transformation. Working together, the city can overcome its challenges, and hopefully become a more prosperous and equitable place for all. Are you optimistic and ready?


Who needs to be part of these solutions?

What ideas do you have that the Parker administration should consider?

What is the best way for intergovernmental collaboration with private sector, faith-based, and Philanthropic partners?

What will it take to get this done?

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What ideas do you have that the Parker administration should consider? Share Your Ideas

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