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This is what TreatmintBox looks like when LIVESTRONG is on board

This is what TreatmintBox X LIVESTRONG looks like. May 11, 2016 Category: FeaturedResultsShort

Back in February, TreatmintBox founder Kimberly Fink and Chief Product Officer Ty Burrowbridge let on to the fact that the social enterprise had a few big announcements in the pipeline for their subscription cancer patient care packages.

Among the handful of works-in-progress was both a possible appearance on a Shark Tank-esque spinoff series and potential partnerships with large institutions and lifestyle brands.

No word on the reality spinoff just yet, but the social enterprise did just launch a limited edition care package called BraveBox, designed specifically for survivors, in partnership with the LIVESTRONG Foundation.


The partnership model works like this:

  • This is a limited edition BraveBox for the month of May, released in partnership with LIVESTRONG.
  • The box has both BraveBox and LIVESTRONG branding.
  • LIVESTRONG gets 100 percent of the profits from every first box ordered.
  • So, in all, TreatmintBox gets to leverage LIVESTRONG’s donor network, and LIVESTRONG gets to collect on an entire month of BraveBox subscriptions — all while supporting a mission-aligned social enterprise.

And here’s what they look like:

bravebox x livestrong - full box wide with items

Phew, that’s sharp.

But how’d this local social enterprise join forces with a household-name nonprofit?

It’s actually been a long time coming — for Fink, at least. The entrepreneur had taken advantage of LIVESTRONG programming while undergoing her own cancer treatment. Then, a little over a year ago, Fink was introduced to former LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman.

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It really just blossomed from there, with TreatmintBox getting invites to Ride for the Roses, the nonprofit’s signature bike race.

And let’s not forget how closely the two organizations’ missions are aligned.

“LIVESTRONG is an organization focused on survivorship and so is TreatmintBox, so a partnership just made sense,” she said.

So, the team decided to go all in and focus on shipping BraveBox, the company’s newest box that “focuses on survivors treating themselves,” Fink said. Really, it just fit.

“TreatmintBox believes that the fight never ends and that attitude is everything,” Burrowbridge said. “That is the bedrock of what LIVESTRONG does [and] that’s the reason we created BraveBox and this partnership.”

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