Aug. 9, 2016 12:52 pm

ROAR for Good’s personal safety app is in beta mode

Test out the social enterprise's app, which features articles and resources focused on reducing sexual assaults.

This editor does, indeed, feel safe at work.

(Screenshot via ROAR for Good)

ROAR for Good’s Athena safety jewelry is on track for a fall ship date, but in the meantime, you can help make its personal safety app as awesome as possible by signing up to be a beta tester.
ROAR app 2

The app’s “Take Action” articles.

The app will be launched sometime before the product, said ROAR cofounder Anthony Gold, and is meant to foster community in addition to encouraging action.

“Athena itself is just a device that can help reduce assaults,” Gold said. “But there’s no device that’s out there that is going to solve the issue.”

Besides allowing users to contact friends and family for help — as the Athena product’s SilentROAR feature will — the app features links to petitions about related causes, a resources section for those who have been victims of sexual violence, and awareness-raising articles grouped into themes such as “Self Growth,” “Know the Issues” and “Be Inspired.”

“This is the type of thing that can help move people and initiate a movement, because at the end of the day, we’re only successful if we make a difference in reducing assaults,” Gold said. “We know we’re successful when there’s no need for companies like ROAR and products like Athena.”

Apply to beta test ROAR for iOS

ROAR is accepting feedback about the app via or from within the app — choose “Profile” and then “Send Feedback.”

A note of caution: If you’re testing out the “I feel unsafe” feature, give your emergency contacts a heads up first. My mom and roommate got a little freaked out when they got that alert.


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