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Broke in Philly made a resource map for low-income Philadelphians

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Reminder: Philadelphia still holds the highest poverty rate of the U.S.’s biggest cities, with 25.7 percent of its residents living in poverty.

Reporting collaborative Broke in Philly was launched this past April as a year-long initiative to provide in-depth reporting on the push for economic justice in the city. (Generocity is an editorial partner.)

As part of their efforts, the project’s managers put together a map of services that offer some type of aid for those experiencing poverty, including food, housing, public benefits and financial empowerment centers.

Represented organizations include Philabundance, BenePhilly and Catholic Social Services. Broke in Philly is also accepting suggestions for resources to add.

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Nonprofits Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project and Juvenile Law Center have offered similar resource-finding apps and maps in the past for the specific vulnerable groups they serve: Pennsylvania JLWOP Reentry Navigator and Youth Matters Philly, respectively.


Broke in Philly

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