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Introduced’s IMPACT room: Social ventures, amplifying civic power and diversifying workplaces

April 25, 2019 Category: EventFeaturedLongPurpose
Introduced is where you want to be on May 9th.

It’s one of 100 events as a part of Philly Tech Week 2019 presented by Comcast, and one of the key events to get on your calendar if you’re looking for the kind of networking and content that makes a lasting impression.

We already told you about the incredible lineup for the Message Room, now it’s time for Impact! The Impact Room brings our Civic and Access tracks together, and is presented by Generocity.

Check out the full schedule and lineup below, including a conversation with one of Philadelphia’s Patent Hall of Famer, Garrett Brown. For more details, head to the event’s site.

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Founding the Future: Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

It’s universal: An older generation will lament at how much lazier a younger generation is. Today is no different, as Millennials age and Generation Z nears adulthood. With a generations-old decline in rates of entrepreneurship and surging income inequality, younger generations need ever more to buck the trends and become more entrepreneurial.

From our Partners

How to make that possible? If we want future leaders, founders and innovators to be more diverse, informed and impactful, then we need to ensure they have the resources they need to turn their ideas into reality.

Entering the Tech Field: Diversity in the Workplace After the First Year

This session is brought to you by Hopeworks

In this presentation, Hopeworks alumni who have entered the tech field will join their current supervisors to describe what making the tech workspace diverse really looks like — taking the conversation from the theoretical to the actual.

Two Hopeworks youth who a year ago were just starting their tech careers will present alongside their current supervisors, sharing the unexpected challenges and victories of being the first in their families and communities to enter the tech space.

  • Preston Beckley IV, Manager, Sales Operations, Comcast
  • Caloua Lowe, Digital Marketing Contractor, Seer Interactive
  • Naomi Maldonado, Business Requirements Analyst, Comcast
  • Emily Meekins, Sr Manager, People Operations, Seer Interactive
  • Moderated By Dan Rhoton, Executive Director, Hopeworks Camden
Being a Good Corporate Neighbor: Listening, Aligning & Giving Back

Even if you have the resources of a large corporation — whether your company serves on a local level or has a national presence — things can go very wrong if you don’t take the time to listen to your community.

Nothing illustrates that better than the backlash that grew around Amazon’s HQ2 location search. What became clear from the public’s response to it was that people cared more deeply about improving and growing their neighborhoods than flashy promotion or abstract promises. (Read’s coverage of the HQ2 blitz)

Being a good corporate neighbor can mean a variety of things: from having a low carbon footprint to donating time or money towards local organizations or focusing on inclusive hiring. But it always means taking the time to listen to the needs of your community, and finding the right ways to support them, and collaborate with them.

  • Vignesh Ganapathy, Senior Government Relations Lead, Postmates
  • Michelle Histand, Director of Innovation, Independence Blue Cross
  • Alex Rappaport, Cofounder, Flocabulary
  • Dalila Wilson-Scott, Senior Vice President of Community Impact for Comcast Corporation and President of the Comcast Foundation
  • Moderated By Jenn Walters-Michalec, Manager, Community Affairs, Capital One
Social Ventures: What are They and Why Do They Matter?

This session is brought to you by ImpactPHL

There’s a growing movement of startups and entrepreneurs that exist not only to make money, but also to address social or environmental problems. These “social ventures” also have competitive advantages when attracting capital, customers, and employees.

Hear from social entrepreneurs and impact investors about why they create and fund startups that do more than focus on profit.

Painting While Riding a Horse with Oscar Award-Winning Inventor Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown forever changed movie creation and sports recording with his invention of the Steadicam, Skycam, Mobycam, and Divecam.

The Steadicam has been used on nearly 100 movies beginning with the iconic Philly classic “Rocky”.

A legend in Hollywood for 40 years, Garrett still lives and works in Philadelphia, venturing out around the globe to teach camera workshops and inventing seminars.

In 2013, he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, but he is neither a scientist nor an engineer — just an extraordinarily motivated, at-times comically challenged, incredibly persistent human being.

  • Garrett Brown, Oscar Winning Inventor
  • Elizabeth Lea Dougherty, J.D., Atlantic Outreach Liaison, Office of the Under Secretary and Director, United States Patent and Trademark Office
Amplifying Civic Power: Using Art to Impact Change

As new investment flows into distressed neighborhoods, how can art and technology amplify the voices of long-time residents and ensure they have a say in how their neighborhoods change?

In this session, you’ll hear different case studies on how groups used art to create the change they wanted to see in their communities. Here are two of the experiences you’ll get to hear about:

  • Home Court: The Hartranft Basketball Court Revival presented by The Village of Arts and Humanities
  • Trash Can Takeover presented by Peopledelphia and Streets Dept.

And remember — this is just ONE of THREE rooms of content within Introduced (yes, you read that right!).

Plus, get access to a rotating demo floor and individual meetings with purchasing reps, investors and founders. Comcast LIFT Labs will have a lounge setup to help you relax and recharge between sessions and you can end the day reflecting on all you learned at our Happy Hour presented by Linode.

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