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Counting down the top 10 stories of all time at Generocity

October 10, 2019 Category: FeaturedMediumPurpose
You can learn some interesting things about Generocity readers from the stories that have racked up the most pageviews in the site’s online history.

Like, you are just fine with us *almost* swearing in a headline. You are fond of activists and community organizers. And you are almost certainly foodies (and Netflix subscribers).

As a 10th anniversary treat, we’ve gathered our top 10 most-read stories so you can enjoy them again (or for the first time).

Starting with the 10th most-read and working our way to number 1…

10. 14 women organizers you should know in Philadelphia

“Organizing is often the first step toward changing laws, systems and institutions that so often rob communities of justice.”

Some of their jobs may have changed since Tony Abraham wrote about these organizers March 1, 2018, but we’re guessing they’re still every bit as fierce and engaged.

9. These are Philadelphia’s 50 biggest nonprofits by income

“Scale is important for understanding any community.”

Editor Julie Zeglen and contributor Cianni Williams compiled this list of biggest nonprofits by income Aug. 10, 2018. tl;dr: this isn’t the only Zeglen-Williams collaboration on this top ten.

8. The homework gap in Philadelphia neighborhoods

“Nearly 70 percent of U.S. teachers assign homework that requires an internet connection to complete.”

Guest columnist Karima Zedan hit a home run with this June 20, 2019 post about the correlation between broadband access and educational attainment.

7. This is how much money Philly’s 50 biggest nonprofits’ CEOs make in a year

“What’s the annual income of your favorite Philadelphia-based nonprofit’s top staffer?”

Another Zeglen-Williams collaboration, this one from Sept. 12, 2018. “Show me the money” isn’t the nonprofit pro’s motto, but maybe it should be?

From our Partners

6. The activist owners of South Philly Barbacoa will be featured on Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table’

“South Philly Barbacoa’s co-owner and chef, Cristina Martinez, has gained local as well as national recognition over the past several years for not only her marinated lamb tacos, pancita and consomé, but her advocacy for undocumented restaurant workers’ rights and her own publicly shared undocumented status.”

Readers loved this Sept. 11, 2018 story by Zeglen almost as much as Philadelphia loves Martínez’s savory tacos de barbacoa.

5. The 25 biggest nonprofits in Philadelphia

“There are over 8,000 nonprofits incorporated in Philadelphia.”

This Zeglen piece from May 15, 2017 set the bar for what would follow (and double in size) a year later.

4. 7 things you should know about homelessness in Philly

“Homelessness is an intractable and wicked urban problem.”

We publish a lot of articles and columns about homelessness at Generocity. This May 24, 2016 piece by Abraham is one of the best.

3. Mental health guide: Where to get therapy on a sliding scale in Philadelphia

“With the recent suicides of fashion designer Kate Spade and chef and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain, social media feeds have been flooded with messages urging people who are struggling with mental health issues to seek professional help.”

This June 27, 2018 resource by contributor Zari Tarazona continues to be shared and read on a regular basis. Which makes us happy — self-care is important, and no one should be priced out of wellness. So, please, keep sharing! We promise to add and update information soon

2. Take your sh*t to Goodwill: Why homeless shelters don’t want your stuff

“Spring cleaning, the big move, home renovations, the gift registry — whatever the case, there’s probably been a time in your life when you wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff that still had some life in it.”

It is rare day indeed at Generocity when contributor Hannah Litvin‘s May 11, 2016 post isn’t racking up reads. And why not? — it’s the perfect combination of useful and irreverent.

1. Let’s talk about the digital divide

“Most of us have heard about the digital divide in terms of age.”

This May 10, 2019 story of mine has been a sleeper hit. Must be the Pew Research Center charts detailing tech adoption by people with disabilities and smartphone access by Black, Latinx and low-income families. We write often about digital adoption, access and literacy because so many nonprofits in Philly are doing genuinely inspiring work along this front — and we are glad you are reading!

So, what will the top 10 stories be when we’re celebrating Generocity’s 20th in 2029?

Send us your predictions!

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