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Take a break. Watch these videos that poke fun at nonprofits and fundraising

December 12, 2019 Category: FeaturedMediaPurposeShort
Thanks to our friends over at Nonprofit Quarterly, we’ve recently become aware of these Human Services Council videos. In case you haven’t seen them — they’re silly and enjoyable, totally over-the-top, and uncomfortably close to some painful truths.

The most recent video, “The Funder” — which was posted to the council’s YouTube channel yesterday — has nonprofits competing with each other to land a big donor, in the style of “The Apprentice.” The older video, “Everyone Deserves a Fair Slice,” envisions what it might be like if a pizzeria were funded the same way nonprofits are.

The new video has has racked up 3K views in just one day, and the older one has hit 60K views  — so nonprofit humor is clearly a thing. Do we have our own, homegrown Philly examples? If so, let us know!

Without further wait, your Thursday afternoon video break….



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