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There’s a grant for that: 6 opportunities available from late May to mid-June, and on a rolling basis

May 22, 2020 Category: FeaturedFundingShort
A number of organizations in Philadelphia (and nationally) have stepped up to provide relief to communities impacted by COVID-19  but often overlooked by other funding sources — including. freelance journalists, Black and Indigenous artists, and trans communities who are organizing in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Six of those funders are highlighted in our timeline below. Scroll to see a description of what each is funding, the grant amounts, and the deadlines for application (when there is a deadline). Plus links to more information.

Before you apply, check out these helpful resources from The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University:

Now, go to. You’ve got this.


Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy

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