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When ‘who are you’ isn’t an existential question, but a community-building one

August 11, 2021 Category: FeaturedPurposeShort
We want to know you better.

Through the pandemic, like the decade before it, Generocity has been amplifying the voices and doings of our nonprofit and social impact sector. And we have engaged in community-building, connective conversations — whether through our discussion-rich Power Breakfasts, or our member Happy Hours, our cross-sector conference ADVANCE and our career-focused INTER/VIEW events.

When the pandemic hit, the events that had always served as our form of wide-tent convening IRL changed, by necessity. We’ve rolled with the punches in order to keep actively communicating with our community:

  • Our Power Breakfasts went virtual (and the quality of discussion didn’t suffer one bit). We also opened the quarterly gathering up to broader cross-sector group of professionals and leaders. (Interested in participating in the next one? Fill out this form.)
  • We started asking questions of our community members via our daily newsletter — and amplifying the responses through reporting and guest columns. This highlights the voices and perspectives of many members who are the lesser-known or hidden talents within the sector.
  • We created a #generocity channel on‘s Slack to make sure that our lively conversations, networking and resource sharing can continue in a way that is sustained 24/7 rather than just on a quarterly basis. (If you haven’t joined yet, you can do so here.)

Now we’re reaching out with this survey to get to know you directly — so we can hear from you how best to continue to be a gathering place for those who want to make our sector and region better. And to become an even more unique — and uniquely responsive — resource for you, our community.

The survey will also serve as a form of accountability for us — are we in conversation with our community members in a representative and equitable way? If we aren’t, we want you to let us know so that we can put effort into bridging the gaps and improving the dialogue.

From our Partners

Take the Generocity community survey

It takes about three minutes to complete, and all of the questions are optional (though, of course, we hope you’ll answer them all).

We’re serious about making sure we are responsive to you. My inbox is always open — catch me at

And thanks in advance for taking our survey!



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