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What does allyship look like in the workplace? Join us for a Slack AMA on June 25

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There is a deep and wide-ranging conversation about “allyship” taking place across sectors at the moment — recipitated, in part, by the many pledges and funding commitments about racial equity we saw come out of June 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests, and the increased violence against AAPI folks during the pandemic.

Allyship can take many forms, and it has been defined in a variety of ways (some of them in conflict with each other).

It almost seems easier to define what it is not (see Nonprofit AF‘s most recent column What is Retroactive Allyship Theater, and are you guilty of it?) than what it is, but here is one definition we find workable: “Allyship relates to pushing for a fair outcome that may not be personally beneficial to you or that does not directly impact you.”

What does allyship look like in the workplace? How can people in positions of power be better allies? How about those in non-leadership positions? What are the barriers that interfere with the ability to change personal behavior and organizational culture in order to make intentional change? And what can the tech and nonprofits sectors be better allies to marginalized groups? (For how not to practice allyship, and  Generocity will be hosting a live conversation to answer those questions on the Slack:

  • Who — John Foster (he/him), COO of Baltimore dev agency Fearless, and Sam Chenkin (she/her and they/them), a Philadelphia-based community organizer and founder of the nonprofit consultancy Reclaim the Sector
  • When — Friday, June 25, from 12 to 1 p.m.
  • Where —’s public Slack in the #ama channel

Join the Slack

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Think of it like a live, community-driven interview. We’ll have some questions to kick it off, but will encourage anyone in the Slack to tune in and ask their own Qs, or contribute their own thoughts.

Chenkin’s Reclaim the Sector centers leadership, operations, and equity consulting for nonprofits on the front lines of systemic change. She is also a core member of Generocity’s Power Breakfasts, as well as a semi-regular columnist. Meanwhile, Foster, along with fellow Fearless leader Delali Dzirasa have long taken the lead on shaping an inclusive tech community, along with their own workplace’s culture.

In addition to members of the and Generocity communities from Philly, D.C., Delaware, Baltimore and Pittsburgh who attend these conversations, reporters and editors from both news sites will be there to guide the conversation.

Have an idea for a topic within the theme we should plan to explore, or a specific question you want answered? Share them ahead of time by emailing You can also ask your Qs live during the Slack AMA.



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